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500-Hour Program Overview

The 500-hour Yoga Alliance Registered program is an in-depth offering beginning with the foundational program and continuing to study deeper into the roots teachings of Yoga, Tantra, Flow Arts, and Ayurveda.

These are offered as advanced electives within the program including 20-35 Namaskars and 40 – 64 Sequences depending on how your design your program.

For 500-hour certification the following requirements are to be completed within a three year span:
•    450-hour program contact hours completed by attending our teacher training modules (Embodying Prana Flow-Mandala of Asanas is required) through:

One to three week teacher training retreat modules in Costa Rica, Greece or India; or

Prana Vinyasa modules offered in yoga studios from Exhale in Venice CA, Flow Yoga in Washington D.C. and European studios in London and Amsterdam.

Part One: Foundation – Embodying Prana Flow/Mandala of Asanas
Part Two: Choose from two 10 day Advance Vinyasa (with Ayurveda) or
Four 5-day Advance Vinyasa modules
    Elemental Vinyasa
    Chakra Vinyasa
    Rasa Vinyasa
    Soma Prana Vinyasa
    Kalari Vinyasa (offered in India)
    Prana Danda Yoga
    Shakti Sadhana – Pre-Natal Vinyasa
    Global Yoga Trance Dance

•    Embody and empower what you learn in live intensives with our required online program that corresponds to your track of study ($64 for each online program includes 10 videos for the solar-lunar sequence and five namaskars you learn for each module (Rasa and Soma Prana Vinyasa have different format of short-long form practices)

Mandala of Asanas, Foundation Prana Vinyasa, Elemental Prana Vinyasa, Chakra Vinyasa , Rasa Vinyasa, Prana Danda Yoga, Shakti Sahana (Navaratri) or Soma Prana Vinyasa (available in Spring 2015)

•    Complete Eight Sacred Reading Projects or participate in History of Yoga - Vinyasa online program Part One, Two, Three and Four at your own pace.

•    Participation in the online Prana Vinyasa Teacher’s Sva Dharma Professional Development online offered twice a year (beginning Jan. 2015) – completion and participation is documented online in our private facebook group.

•    Final take-home written “exam” – this empowering process also includes, “Embodiment Project” – submit “before and after” photos with a one-two page reflection within exam.
•    Demonstrate teaching embodiment in a 30-45 minute video of the namaskars and sequences you have learned (guidelines available once you enroll)
•    Completion of all modules and online programs outlined above.

Upon admission into our program you will be given our private facebook group with direct access to questions for Shiva and Teacher Trainers, enrollment in our year-long Meditation Program and a welcome letter.

Review of Required Teacher Training
•    Part One: Embodying the Flow/ Mandala of Asanas
•    Part Two: Minimum or 1 and up to 3 Advanced immersions: Chakra Vinyasa, Elemental Vinyasa, Living Ayurveda Soma Prana Vinyasa, Rasa Vinyasa (depending on hours and interest); you may also combine Yoga Trance Dance, Shakti Sadhana and Esalen, Kripalu or YJ Immersions
•    Online programs for 3-4 of your trainings
•    History of Yoga Vinyasa online Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 or eight sacred reading projects
•    Prana Vinyasa – Teacher’s Sva Dharma Professional Development

Teacher Training

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