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Frequently Asked Questions

» What is the difference between the 200, 300 and 500 hour programs?

The 200 hour program is a foundational yoga teacher training program which is recognized by the Yoga Alliance. It offers you the foundational teaching methods and modules of Prana Flow® Yoga.

The 300-hour teacher training program is for yoga instructors that have already received a 200-hour certification through another school of yoga and are looking to deepen their studies and personal practice. Once the 300-hour program is completed, you are able to receive a 500-hour RYT certification through Yoga Alliance. This program offers the same foundational Prana Flow® Yoga modules and includes advanced and more in-depth training with electives, desired areas of further study, and a Sva Dharma project. 

The 500-hour training program is for those interested in becoming yoga instructors that have not yet taken a 200-hour program and are interested in becoming a 500 RYT though the Yoga Alliance. This program offers the same foundational Prana Flow® Yoga modules and includes advanced and more in-depth training with electives, desired areas of further study and a Sva Dharma project.

» When do I submit my application for the program?

It is best if you submit your application as soon as you are inspired to enter our program. This way you can begin our mentorship process and be supported every step of the journey.

You can apply to the program online and there is a $108 application fee.

If you choose to apply to the program after you have already taken a teacher training module with Shiva, those contact hours are still applicable toward your certification once you have applied to the program.

» Can I take modules out of the suggested order?

Although we recommend starting with Embodying the Flow we understand that life rhythms may orient you differently so we are flexible on the order of progression. During each training we will offer afternoon sessions, which are tailored to the various needs of the teacher training kula.

» How long will it take to fulfill the 200, 300 or 500 hour program?

Depending upon your travel flexibility and where you live, the 200 hour program could be completed in as little two 10-day programs (our Immersion programs that take place in Venice, CA and consist of two required modules) or as long as two years. The 300 / 500 hour program could be completed in one year (taking two Immersion programs plus additional elective modules) or two to three years, depending on your life rhythm.

We require that you complete the 200-hour program in a maximum of 2 years and the 300/500 hour program in a maximum of 3 years. If there is an extenuating circumstance please email the office at to request an extension and we will review the situation.

We have four options for completing the program:

1) Individual Modules: By looking at the online calendar (and speaking with your mentor or one of our Samudra Office Staff), you are able to create a program from our individual required modules offered at various locations around the country in any order, with the foundational module, Embodying the Flow, suggested as the first module.

2) West Coast Immersion Programs in Venice, CA: Offer two required modules per Immersion, allowing you to complete the required modules in two Immersion training sessions. *You must make sure that the number of contact hours adds up to 180 for the full 200 hour program.

For the 500 hour program applicants, the Immersion Programs offer you the required modules and many advanced programs are offered in Venice as well for elective hours.

3) East Coast Residential Week-Long Program at Kriplau, MA: One to Three, week-long residential programs are offered in Lenox, MA throughout the year and can be counted toward the 200/300/500 hour programs.

4) International Retreat Programs: Offered in Costa Rica, Europe and India. The retreat programs give Prana Flow® students a relaxing and transformative environment in which to absorb teachings and offer elective contact hours.

*Required modules are NOT offered on International Retreats. Elective hours only.

» Can I apply my 200 hour training from another school to your 500 hour program?

Yes, you can. In this case you would apply to the 300 hour training program. You are still required to complete the four required modules and then you are able to choose your elective modules to complete the rest of your contact hours.

Once you have completed the 300 hour Prana Flow® program you are able to receive your 500 hour RTY from Yoga Alliance.

» Can I take modules for my personal interest?

Yes, you can tailor this program to meet your personal needs/ interest only and not be officially enrolled in the Prana Flow® program. The Teacher's Exploratorium is the only module that requires previous Teacher Training modules.

» How many modules do I need to fulfill the 200, 300 or 500 hour program?

Depending on the length of each module or Immersion you choose to take for and the contact hours offered, you may need 4 - 7 modules to complete the 200 hour program.

For the 300 or 500 hour programs, the number of modules you will need depends on how the number of contact hours that are offered for each module you choose. It's best to look at the online calendar and plan out your year by seeing what modules work with your life flow and checking the number of contact hours offered for each module. Typically the 300 and 500 hour programs can be completed in 2 - 3 years.

» What else other then the teacher training modules are required to complete each program?

In addition to contact hours in each module there are requirements that further your evolution as a teacher. These requirements are offered as Evolutionary Self - Study programs and include:

  1. Completing an Embodiment project
  2. Living Yoga Sadhana Online TeleCourse (Participate in 2 for the 200 hour, 3 for the 300 hour, and 5 for the 500 hour program – additional cost)
  3. Sacred reading projects
  4. Demonstrate teaching methodology application in a 30 minute video accompanied with a written sequence
  5. Complete a final take-home written exam
  6. Sva dharma personal project (300/500 hour program only)

In modules, you will be completing suggested readings with response questions, OM works are assigned and quizzed are given. In between your trainings you work on projects and near your program completion create your class video. At the completion of program you will be given take home exam.

» What is the certification process?

After you have completed all contact hours required for your program, you will mail your completed project packet into the office with your certification application and $108 certification fee. Once this packet has been received, the office will send you your exam via mail, which you have 2 weeks to complete and send back to the office via email. Your projects and exam will be graded within 4 weeks of receiving exam. Once everything is graded, your Prana Flow® Teacher Certificate will be sent to you in the mail! For any questions please email

» How long do we have to complete final exam?

You have two weeks for the final exam to be completed and returned via email.

» How many hours are in each module?

Each module's contact hours vary by the duration of the module. They can range from 3 for a teacher training workshop, to 45 for a module during the immersion (90 for both modules for full immersion), to 30 - 50 for a teacher training on a retreat. It is recommended that you check the venue that is hosting the teacher training's website to see the number of contact hours to plan your full program.

» What are the steps to enroll in the 200/500 hour program?

To formally enroll in any of the programs please submit the Prana Flow® Teacher Training Application form online. You do not need to have taken any modules prior to submitting an application, but it is recommended that you register for Embodying the Flow™, our foundational module, prior to or soon thereafter to help you become familiar with the basic teaching methodologies. Once the application is processed (this may take 4 to 6 weeks) you will receive our welcome packet with detailed information on all of the evolutionary self-study programs, a module tracking grid and the certification requirements.

» What support is available during this process?

Each program participant will be mentored through this process. We will assign a mentor for each participant to be able to have phone, email and physical contact exchange, if geographically possible and available. Regardless of location our Teacher Training team will be able to guide you through this process via email and/or phone contact. The mentors are able to offer 2 hours of assistance and guidance to the participant.

» Will I be able to register with Yoga Alliance?

Yes, we are a Yoga Alliance Registered School. Once you receive our certificate of completion then it is up to you to submit our certificate to Yoga Alliance along with your application.

» How do I register for modules and teacher intensives?

Each yoga studio or center that is hosting Shiva's teacher training module handles their own separate registration unless you are attending a teacher training retreat through Yogadventures ( To register for the teacher training program you need to contact each organization separately and register through their office.

» How much time do I have to finish the program?

We allow two years for the 200 hour program and three years for the 300 / 500 hour program. If circumstances prevent you from completing the program in this allotted time and extension request can be submitted.

» Do you have residential teacher intensives?

We offer residential trainings, depending on our location at Kripalu Center in Lenox, Massachusetts and at our global retreats in India, Costa Rica.

» Where do the modules and immersions take place?

We offer modules in Venice, CA, Denver, CO, Lenox and Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, New Hope, PA, Providence, RI, Chicago, IL, Costa Mesa, CA Tampa, FL, New York City, NY, Frederick, MD, to name a few!

Immersions are offered in Venice, CA, Lenox, MA, Europe and Kerala, South India.

» How much does each module cost?

Each facility determines specific costs depending on length and location of module being offered. The range in price varies from $345 for 4-day modules (10+ hours) to $1375 for a 10 day training (90 hours). Please check the host venue's website for pricing details.

» How many modules do you offer each year?

Between Shiva Rea and Senior Teaching Staff, approximately 70-80.

» Can modules taken in the past count toward certification?

Yes, most of our modules can be applied to our current program. We will work with each applicant to honor previous teacher training completed with Shiva and credit hours toward the certification program. However, we do have a time expiration on when modules were taken.

» Can modules be taken with teachers other than Shiva?

Yes, we offer foundational modules and specialty modules with Prana Flow® Senior Teachers. These hours can be applied to the 200/500 hour program. 30% of your contact hours can be taken with a Senior Teacher.

For information on Senior Teachers and Faculty please contact the Samudra Office.
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