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Prana Flow Teacher Directory

Name: Catherine von Guenther
Location: Munich, Germany
Level: 200 Hr
Studio(s): Jaya Yoga Studio

Catherine has been a passionate yoga traveller since her first yoga class. Yoga has led her deep into her body and soul and around the world. Her first profound inspiration was the Yoga of Vanda Scaravelli, where she learned to develop the Asanas from the eternal intelligence of the body. She has had the great opportunity to work with Diane Long, one of Vanda’s few students and Liz Warrington since 2005. For many years Catherine has also been a student of the Swiss Sufi master Annette Kaiser, who has led her into meditation and the dynamic stillness, power and sensitivity of the heart mind.

As a trained Naturopath, she is excited by the healing qualities yoga offers for body, soul and mind. While searching for a dynamic match to the meditative bodywork of the Scaravelli yoga lineage, she found Shiva and her Prana Flow Yoga and fell completely in love with her beautiful, creative and inspiring art of teaching Yoga. Being drawn to dance since an early age, Shiva’s Yoga offers her the possibility, to live and teach the inner beauty and strength in movement and dance. She is very thankful to Shiva and also to Twee, with whom she has accomplished some modules of the Prana Flow teacher training, for the encouragement to teach, for their insightful revelation of the knowledge of body and soul, as well as for the deep roots they set for her in classical Yoga.

In her Yoga and Yoga Trance Dance classes she uses her experiences of Yoga, meditation, body work, dance work, Body Mind Centering and breath therapy to lead transformative Prana flow classes which open the mind to the intelligence and vibration of the body, the strength and fluidity of healthy emotions and the clarity of the mind. So that her students can sense the glowing of the heart and a deep connection to Mother nature.

She is teaching weekly classes, workshops, retreats, privates and teacher trainings.

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