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Prana Flow Teacher Directory

Name: Hikmet Gurbuz
Location: Istanbul
Level: All Levels
Studio(s): Maya Yoga

Hikmet was born in Germany and her family used to have a Yoga Studio in Germany. Her father is the first yogi that brought yoga to Turkey in the mid 50s. Hikmet started practicing yoga at a very early age, since then she has been practicing and teaching yoga in many different styles. Other than Hikmet's father's yoga system she was very much inspired by Shiva Rea's Prana Flow System and she adopted Rea's method into her teachings. Hikmet had also studied with many of todays well-known yoga teachers which include David Swenson, Gary Kraftsow, Ganesh Mohan and N.V. Raghuram. Besides her yoga background she graduated from Sport Academy in Istanbul and also is a member of Turkish National Team of Trap Shooting.

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