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Prana Flow Teacher Directory

Name: Robin Lucas
Location: Mill Valley, CA
Studio(s): Marin county (San Francisco bay area) private yoga instructor, teaching in my students home (or at a local park). Specializing in helping moms and athletes: * Beginners to yoga * Physical, emotional and mental blockages, regardless of age or normal activity * Injuries to bring circulation to or strengthen surrounding areas * Training after physical therapy * Relaxation and inspiration in life using poetic movement of body

Practicing Hatha yoga since 1996 has truly changed my life. I've learned that it's all about clearing out the impediments in the mind that get in the way of knowing that you can accomplish anything. We are perfect just the way we are. In yoga we can create a laboratory in our bodies and minds to work through life situations (e.g., resistance, challenge, love, anger, motivation). Witnessing my body and mind travel to its edges gives it a safe place to explore and mend. It is mainly at the edges where true transformation occurs. 

My background includes: Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Anusara yoga, Bikram yoga, Pranayama meditation, Insight meditation. 

I'm currently pursuing my M.A. at California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco in the East-West Psychology program with a concentration in mind-body connections. 

I teach children too and am a graduate of Rainbow Kids Yoga. And I have lots of practice with my own three children's minds, bodies, and hearts -- Taryn, Tye and Cora.

Living a balanced personal and business life, I worship the ocean and surf every chance I get. Also, I am the owner of Perfect Working Spaces™ ( as a consultant, writer and content provider, an avid poet at My Secret Innuendo™ ( and a writer for in San Francisco ( 

See you on the mat... or in your favorite venue. I'm a strong believer in "living yoga" in your daily life no matter what activity your mind or body are practicing. It doesn't matter where you are or what you're wearing... :)

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