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Prana Flow Teacher Directory

Name: Kathleen McGrath
Location: Oakland, CA
Level: RYT-200
Studio(s): Yoga company, Sam Ramon/Castro Valley, Ca

I have been a student of yoga for over ten years.  As I grew in my experience I knew that I wanted to teach others.   I have alwasy been drawn to how to incorporate the spiritual aspects of yoga with the physical.  I found myself seeking out to those who taught by intertwining what is done on the mat and connecting it with real life.  I have tried to follow this model in my own classes.  I also try to create a vigorous workout that mixes with the spiritual part so that you come off your mat feeling re energized both in your body and mind.  I love to integrate elements of water and fire into my classes.   I also try to start with the basics and build within every class so my students can choose their own paths.

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