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Prana Flow Teacher Directory

Name: Doreen Stelton
Location: Chicago, IL

I began practicing yoga in 2005. For the moment I first began practicing I was entranced. I felt home. Teaching came as a response to people asking me if I could help them get that glow I was emitting. It is my sincere desire to share with others the expansive potential of yoga.

I believe the physical body holds a transformative wisdom that is ignited by the practice of yoga. The yoga practitioner initiates and realizes this transformative process with wide ranging results. In my classes I welcome all, whether the practitioner desires increased flexibility and strength, physical and/or emotional healing, calmness of mind, or connection to the divine, it is my privilege to assist in their transformative journey. My style is influenced by Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Forrest, and creative expression.

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